Soren Solkaer - Surface

Søren Solkær’s amazing “Surface” project is coming to LA this weekend with an exhibition starting April 25th. According to Subliminal Projects, “For the exhibition at SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS, the concept of portraiture goes a step further. We reached out to 14 of these photographed street artists and asked them to reinterpret the portrait Solkær took of them in order to create a unique, collaborative artwork, adding their own signature style and aesthetic to the original photograph. . . . A selection of Solkær’s photographs will be on view alongside 14 unique collaborations by the following renowned artists: Aakash Nihalani, Above, Beau Stanton, Cyrcle, DabsMyla, Dan Witz, Jordan Seiler, Lee Quinones, Logan Hicks, Mark Bode, Rae, Risk, Saber, and Wolfbat.”

Don’t miss this chance to see work from these outstanding artists! The show will run from April 25th to May 23rd, with a reception at 8pm at Subliminal Projects on 4/25. For more information about the show visit Subliminal Projects, and check out Solkær’s stunning collection of street artists’ portraits, Surface, at Gingko Press.