moki is a Berlin based artist that has published two books with Gingko, How to Disappear in 2010 and Shelter in 2017. Her latest book with the author Rae Mariz about rare fur-covered mammals was just nominated by STIFTUNG BUCHKUNST for one of the best German books of 2020. Her latest comic novel SUMPFLAND is traveling around the world with exhibitions in Germany, Iceland and Austria, supported by Goethe-Institut.

How are you spending this time? Are you creating art “as usual,” or is there a variance to your routine?

right now i’m working on new paintings for my next book with gingko press. it helps at lot during these times to have something to look forward to. i share homeschooling with my partner. it is very satisfying to spend more time with my 9 year old daughter. as a child of artist parents she is continuously coming up with ideas of what to do. we have being sewing a lot of creatures, building a wooden tree house for them and drawing many books 🙂

Portrait from moki's 2010 publication How to Disappear
Portrait from moki’s 2010 publication How to Disappear

What’s been the biggest challenge for you, and how are you handling it?
i miss my family and friends – the physical distance is hard to bear! i try to look forward to times when i can meet them again.

What advice would you give to anyone struggling to create right now?
new structures can give you a different view and therefore be enriching. the pressure of creating something can take away the joy of it. so i would try to relax and value the new perspectives if possible.

Painting from moki's 2017 publication Shelter
Painting from moki’s 2017 publication Shelter

Do you have any advice for someone looking to optimize their space at home for a good work/play balance?
i love plants – so i would get some big leaved new friends 🙂

How can people support the arts community during this time?
since everyone is struggling i would show my solidarity with attention and if possible a little support.
there are also ideas about structural change by unconditional basic income or negative interest rates.

moki in her studio
moki in her studio

What do you hope people take away from all this? Do you think the arts community will look different as we transition back to “normal”?
i’m thinking mostly of the people working only in bigger groups and can’t continue like me in the studio – musicians for example. if the clubs have to close it will be hard for these places to open again.
this crisis can be a new start too! as a lover of nature i’m pleased with the positive effects on climate change and hopefully a structural systematic change that could sprout from this challenge. i want to live a modest and humble life. i travel in my thoughts. i repair my clothes and things with joy. i use all kinds of material i find in the streets of berlin for working. i try to be kind to myself so i can give tender loving care to my surrounding.