The Big Brother Book

As mentioned by Jenkem Magazine last week, the infamous Big Brother Magazine was recently given new life in book form; now, after months of careful re-assembling and picking of the choicest scatilogical jokes, The Big Brother Book is available!

No other magazine pushed the boundaries of skateboarding and pop culture like Big Brother, the raunchiest, rowdiest magazine to come out of the 1990s. Constantly at the center of much-deserved controversy, the rag has been decried as pornography, bought and unexpectedly dropped by Larry Flynt of the Hustler empire, and credited as the genesis of the Jackass universe; it was also the champion of unknown skaters and featured some of today’s biggest names in skate culture when they were just children. Author Sean Cliver and BB’s former editor Dave Carnie have come together with DC Shoes and Gingko Press to collect its legacy in a 12″ x 12″ hardcover book, suitable for coffee tables and bathroom reading.

The key players involved in the magazine were brought back together for the “DC X Big Brother Shit Show” release party this weekend — check out some photos from the event at Active Ride Shop’s blog here. (Warning — some of the images, like Big Brother itself, are not safe for work.)