Lottman blog

We’re deeply saddened to note the passing of Herbert Lottman on August 27th, 2014. Mr. Lottman is survived by his wife Marianne and two sons, Aurelian and Jeremie.

“One of the many virtues of Herbert R. Lottman’s patient, gallant and exhaustive biography of Camus–the first such biography in either English or French–is that it allows us to look at and listen to the writer as he works, without the blinkers and the ear muffs, the periscopes and the headphones, of the Zeitgeist to mess up our minds…. His industry staggers. He has read everything and talked to everybody, including enemies. In several respects, Mr. Lottman knows more about Camus than Camus knew about himself.  ” —John Leonard in The New York Times