Type for Type

Type for Type

Custom Typeface Solutions for Modern Visual Identities

Published by Victionary
288 pages, Hardcover
7 2/7" x 9 4/5"
ISBN: 9789887903420


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The business world today is ever-evolving and filled with challenges more complex than they used to be. For a brand to take off or thrive in this digital age, it must find meaningful ways to stand out and resonate when it comes to communicating its core messages or content across multiple platforms. To this end, custom typefaces have become an increasingly common means for forward-thinking brands to establish and further strengthen their visual identities. By expressing its unique personality or supporting a campaign effectively, these typefaces go beyond aesthetics and achieving marketing objectives to build value for the brand over the long term.

Type for Type collates some of the best custom typography work around the world that demonstrates both creative and commercial ingenuity, with insights into key processes and techniques to inspire both designers and clients alike.