Ricky Powell: The Individualist
Tono Radvany

Ricky Powell: The Individualist

Contributions by George Lois, Bill Adler & Nemo Librizzi

Published by Gingko Press
116 pages, Hardcover
7 1/2" X 10"
ISBN: 978-1-58423-663-4


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Capturing the intersection of the birth of hip-hop, punk rock, graffiti, pop art, fashion and underground culture, The Individualist shows the world through the lens of one of New York City’s most prolific street photographers, Ricky Powell (R.I.P. 1961 – 2021). Featuring dozens of never-before-seen photos, it includes portraits of the Beastie Boys, RUN DMC, LL Cool J, Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring and hundreds more, all alongside ordinary people. In the words of Powell’s colleague Bill Adler, “Consider the astonishing range and mix of people captured by Ricky: musicians, actors, artists, comedians, athletes and homeless folks. Boldface names and everyday people. … And, not infrequently, Mr. Ricky Powell himself, well before the age of the selfie. His portfolio embraces humans of every race, gender and age, all of them drawn to New York, NY because it has always been— and remains—the world capital of individualism; a city of maximum freedom and opportunity, equal parts glamour and grit.”