Desperately Seeking Dali

Desperately Seeking Dali

152 pages, Hardcover
5" x 7"
ISBN: 9781584237785


Releasing Fall 2022!

Not Yet Published

Dalí’s outrageous life lived up to his surrealistic oeuvre. His travels, exploits and travails make for great reading and are especially well suited to the Desperately Seeking series.

His Spanish origins were hugely important. A child of Catalonia, Dalí drew much inspiration from his childhood in Cadaqués and then from his surroundings in Port Lligat where he created his extraordinary house made from converted fisherman’s barracas. His military service and first solo exhibition happened in Barcelona. Dalí’s well-heeled Parisian patrons helped the artist move onto the international stage, and by the mid-1930s he’d had his first show in New York and was included in the International Surrealist exhibition in London. With the Spanish civil war closing in, Dalí took his outrageous show on the road to the USA and made waves there for nearly a decade during the 1940s. The artist continued to create for another 40 years and for the fascinating details you’ll want to read this book!