Taco Tales

Taco Tales

Recipes and Stories from Mexico
Ivette Perez de Wenkel & Anne Wenkel

Published by Gingko Press
ISBN: 9781584237341


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Food, family and stories share a deep connection, one that is often overlooked in the age of instant gratification. Born into a strong tradition of passing down recipes from generation to generation, Ivette Pérez de Wenkel’s new cookbook seamlessly blends Mexican cuisine with the culture and experiences from which she learned them. In Taco Tales, she presents more than 40 recipes from her family treasury, along with the history and traditions that make each dish much more than just food. Collage and papercut illustrations by Anne Wenkel bring the pages to colorful life, and the interplay of text and illustrations evokes the tradition of communal cooking and making that has so strongly influenced the authors. This is a collection of delicious Mexican recipes that offers a reminder that not every important ingredient in a good meal goes into the food itself.