Small Home Gardens
Abascal, Macarena

Small Home Gardens

Published by Booq Publishing
450 pages, Hardcover
10" X 11 1/2"
ISBN: 978-8-49456-628-8


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For many of us, our only chance to connect with nature on a daily basis happens in the garden. The inspired design ideas found within Small Home Gardens nurture this impulse by showing the reader how to create exterior spaces in a wide variety of styles. Ideas abound, from tranquil patio spaces to romantic roof plantings and water elements to herb beds and cutting gardens. Small Home Gardens puts forward practical cost-effective ideas using both traditional and cutting-edge materials that can be tailored to individual taste or to meet the demands of a particular site. Featuring hundreds of full color photographs alongside diagrams of unique projects from around the world, this volume is bound to interest gardeners, landscape designers and architects alike.