Small & CHIC Interiors
Manel Gutierrez Couto

Small & CHIC Interiors

Published by BOOQ
492 pages, Hardcover
11" x 12 1/2"
500 Illustrations, ISBN: 9788499360157


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While tiny homes are rapidly becoming a necessity in our ever-growing world, they’re also a creative outlet, an opportunity for designers and architects to test their ingenuity and flex their aesthetic muscle. The 54 homes and apartments in Small & CHIC Interiors demonstrate these traits, showing the trends, new creations, and groundbreaking ideas currently flourishing in micro interior design. By utilizing every inch of space in ways that are not just practical but aesthetically pleasing, the designers of Small & CHIC Interiors turn potentially cramped, gloomy homes into comforting spaces full of air and light. A sample of the ambitious projects include a medieval granary on the outskirts of Rome converted to modern living quarters, a cozy and compact home on a secluded island in the North Sea, a Bulgarian apartment renovated on a budget of only 500 Euros, and a single-room Manhattan studio given new dimension by a large piece of folding furniture that converts to dividing walls, storage space, and a work station.