Published by Gingko Press
152 pages, 9" X 8 1/2"
120 Illustrations, Hardcover, English
ISBN: 9781584235781


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Shelter is a broad treatment of a safe haven in our society, encompassing the whimsical security of a tree house to the stark oppres­sion of poverty. The artist moki depicts characteristic forms of refuge and elementary strategies of physical retreat such as shielding, disguising, veiling or going into hiding.

In her paintings we encounter a range of huts and tent-like structures, coverings of found materials, and other inventive modes of protection or concealment, like camouflaging and masking. We also see postures offering a kind of safety – huddling, curling up or just closing one’s eyes. The beauty of the images in Shelter is numbing, yet infused with a dose of reality. We witness the homeless phenomenon on a visceral level. Caught off guard, we’re confronted by the act of living. In Shelter, moki has established herself as a deeply empathic painter and poet.


Irenebrination: “Book Alert: Shelter by Moki (Gingko Press)” by Anne Battista