New Jason REVOK



Published by Gingko Press Inc.
360 pages, Hardcover
8 3/4" x 11 3/4"
ISBN: 9798218127565


Not Yet Published

For the past decade, Jason REVOK has focused his prodigious energy and talent on a second act. The artist rose to worldwide renown as graffiti writer, but moved from Los Angeles to Detroit to re-tool, (both literally and figuratively). When he was new to Detroit, he spent much of his time collecting abandoned materials to create assemblages of wood and metal that were intricately cut, arranged and painted. At this time, he forged a lasting relationship with Library Street Collective and began showing in their gallery. He created an entire environment for himself in which to work – his newer explorations required tools that didn’t exist, so he created his own. Ever since, REVOK has been testing the capabilities and limits of his custom tools, using them to create both studio work and public projects, and creating a decisive new vocabulary in the process. Instruments ties this incredible collection in a bow!