Oriental Tattoo Sourcebook

Oriental Tattoo Sourcebook

Volume 1

Published by CYPI
160 pages, Softcover
6 3/4" x 9" (172 x 229 mm)
600 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-908175-24-3


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A companion series to Oriental Tattoo Art, Oriental Tattoo Sourcebook delves deeper into the culture by focusing on the traditional symbols and characters that encompass the art form. An indispensable reference book for both practitioners and clients, each chapter is categorized by subject matter; from traditional tattoos to portraits, animals, totems, and characters, the inspiration is comprehensive. Incorporating belief systems with a reverence for nature adds a spiritual component that elevates the art beyond mere accessory status. Balanced in scope, the content of the artwork is profiled both through time-honored characterizations as well as modern interpretations of historic motifs providing relevance and longevity to the art form.