The New Rural
New Daniela Santos

The New Rural

Interiors within Nature

Published by Booq Publishing
280 pages, Hardcover
9 3/4" x 11 1/2"
ISBN: 9788499366449


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With the advent or possibility of remote work for many of us these past few years, more and more people are opting to relocate from urban enclaves with their families and pursue a new and more nourishing lifestyle in a rural setting. Thanks to technology and widespread internet access we can leave behind the cramped conditions and soaring costs of our cities for a simpler and less hectic day to day existence.

In The New Rural, the possible is made real as we examine the interiors of some thirty homes all sited within rural environments that make the most of their settings to reflect modernity while not sublimating nature. New houses, converted spaces or rehabilitations, which ensure maximum comfort for their inhabitants without giving up the benefits of modern life – all while maintaining a close link with nature.