The Vibrant Artistry of the '70s

Published by Victionary
256 pages, Paperback
7 1/2" x 10"
ISBN: 9789887684459


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With its use of bright colors, floral patterns and of typographic freedom, the 70’s were a time of graphic experimentation heavily influenced by psychedelic imagery and the rise of hippie culture. Funkadelic invites readers to step back in time and witness the audacity and dynamism of the era that embraced individuality and pushed artistic boundaries. An homage to the graphic design trends and styles that embodied bold expression, cultural revolution, and free-spirited creativity, discover a handpicked selection of visual identities and branding design inspired by the iconic aesthetic of the ’70s to incorporate vintage elements into modern design. A visual treasure trove of inspiration and nostalgia for designers, artists, and period enthusiasts alike.