The Family Acid: California
New Roger Steffens

The Family Acid: California

192 pages, Hardcover
9" x 12"
ISBN: 9781584237884


Not Yet Published

Roger Steffens is an intrepid explorer of the fringe but he’s also a family man. He met his wife Mary in Mendocino, California while on LSD and soon after, they conjured up a daughter, Kate, and son, Devon. For more than 50 years, Steffens has traveled the electric arteries of the counterculture embracing mind-expanding experiences, deep social connection, and unadulterated fun at every turn. And he’s captured it all on film. Steffens’ book collects photographs taken between 1968 and 2015 during Roger, Mary, Kate and Devon’s adventures across the state they call home. The Family Acid: California contains hundreds of full-color images, most never seen before, with detailed captions and an original essays by Roger Steffens and photojournalist Tim Page. Think of it as a family album belonging to a very unconventional family.