Container Architecture
New David Andreu Bach

Container Architecture

Modular, Pre fab, Affordable, Movable and Sustainable Living

Published by Booq Publishing
280 pages, Hardcover
10" x 11 1/2"
ISBN: 9788499366623


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The ultimate in sustainable architecture, containers provide a cheap and resilient building material with a myriad of possible applications. Modular, these self contained units are easy to attach to an existing build, incorporate within larger buildings or even combine together to create a single structure uniquely their own. Traditionally used in maritime and rail transport, these versatile vessels are by nature robust and durable, combining strength with all the benefits of a recycled material.

Container Architecture features some of the most innovative uses of containers in building across sectors and scales including single-family and collective housing, shopping centers, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, shelters, laboratories and works of ephemeral architecture.