Cheers! Wine Cellar Design

Cheers! Wine Cellar Design

Published by Art Power
296 pages, Hardcover
10" x 12" (254 x 305 mm)
400 illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-988-15743-5-0


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Within these pages, wineries and private cellars rub shoulders with wine bars and clubs in a lasting homage to the longevity of the grape!

The storage of wine is a delicate science, balancing requirements of temperature and humidity with space and accessibility. Add aesthetic concerns such as presentation and a complex set of considerations must be weighed.

The architects and designers showcased in Cheers! are experts at meeting this challenge and collaborating with owners to create spaces that perfectly blend form and function. Whether ultra modern or rustic, above ground or below, all exemplify a successful solution to clients’ needs.

Includes projects from across the US and Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Solvenia and China.

Featured Wine Cellars by Designer from A–Z:
  • 3SIX0 Architecture & Desig
  • Alain Benoit
  • Architects Collective
  • Atelier Peter Kis
  • Barbara Gilbert Interiors
  • Buckeye Basements, Inc
  • CCS Architecture
  • Chester Lindsey Architects
  • Classic Cellar Design
  • Concrete Architectural Associates
  • Crox International Co., Ltd.
  • Cyrille Druart
  • D.arc Group + RBA
  • Della Valle Bernheimer
  • Dimitris Naoumis
  • Evelyne Bok
  • Focus Wine Cellars
  • H2O2 Wine Cellar Design
  • Hong Kong Aotus Design Studio
  • Jacobsen Architecture
  • Javier Barba
  • Laidlaw Schultz Architects
  • Marsh and Associates, Inc.
  • Mok Design & Associates
  • Qinghai Damu Dingsheng Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd
  • Revel Custom Cellars
  • Sandra Nunnerley
  • Shanghai Dada Interior Design Studio
  • Shenzhen Meijing Technology Co., Ltd.
  • StoreFriendly Logistics Holdings Limited
  • Studio Kalamar
  • Thomas Warner Wine Cellars
  • Timothy Corrigan
  • Trade Mark Design & Build
  • Traverse Architectural Group
  • Werner Tscholl
  • TVS Wine Cellars
  • TVS Wine Cellars/ Eric Hedlund Design LLC credit
  • UXUS
  • Wu Xiaowei Design Firm
  • Circa
  • Château La Mission Haut–Brion Cellar
  • Erich Sattler Winery
  • Bazaltbor Winery
  • Dunrobin
  • The Talley Wine Cellar
  • The Wallace Wine Room
  • Folio Enoteca & Winery
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle
  • Craftsman Cellar
  • Trummer Wine Cellar
  • Wine Cellar Ashburn
  • VYNE
  • La Lé Wine Bar
  • La Cave du Vin 9
  • Williams Selyem Winery
  • Domaine LA
  • Wine Gallery
  • E-CRU wines
  • A Shrine for Wine
  • Cellar for Excellency
  • Divan Istanbul Asia Hotel
  • Panino Giusto Ristoranto & Caffé
  • Private Cellar facing the Bosphorus
  • Trump Towers Istanbul
  • Francesc Rifé Studio
  • Explanatory Report for Recaredo
  • Cellar Fromm
  • Cellar Wexler
  • Foshan private wine cellar club
  • Hainan Sanya HNA Resort Hotel Cellar
  • Shenzhen OCT Oriental Garden Sea Villa Wine Cellar Club
  • Boxwood Winery
  • Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars
  • Brown Wine Cellar
  • Pine Canyon
  • Black Rock Golf Club
  • Bella Collina
  • Boot Ranch Golf Club
  • Sonoma Golf Club
  • Cordillera Ranch Wine Room
  • Sonoma Wine Cellar
  • The Cave Wine Cellar
  • Xicheng Wine Cellar
  • The Alaska Cellar
  • The Stempel Cellar
  • Williams Selyem Winery Headquarters
  • Blue Bridge Santa Fe Wine Club
  • Meijing Cellar
  • Storefriendly Wine Cellar
  • Marof Winery
  • A Home for Food and Wine
  • Aloha du Vin
  • Into the Earth
  • Modern Napa Valley Castle
  • Tasting Delight
  • Bel-Air Wine Room
  • Ammerman Wine Cellar
  • Neoteric Rathskeller
  • Redman Farm Wine Room
  • Black Star Farms Winery AnnexTwo Lads Winery
  • Cantina Tramin
  • Merus Winery
  • Woodward Canyon Winery
  • The Wine Cellar Bistro & Wine Bar
  • Circular Turreted Wine Cellar
  • Triple Creek Ranch
  • Liquid Planet
  • Merus Winery
  • Aifeila Chateau