Guémy, Christian/C215


The Monograph

Published by Éditions Albin Michel
250 pages, 9 1/2" X 11 3/4"
ISBN: 978-2-22625-923-3


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This meticulously produced monograph on the prolific French stencil artist C215 collects some of the highlights from more than twenty years spent creating street art around the world. As he professes in the introduction, he only paints for himself and to bring happiness to others, not for advertising or monetary gain. His subjects are often the marginalized in society, such as homeless people, street kids and smokers, but also, animals such as cats and butterflies. He moves freely between austere black and white and a vibrant color palette that positively leaps off the wall and utilizes a variety of canvases, from doors and walls to trains and mailboxes. The gallery of his artwork contained within is conveniently arranged alphabetically by location or subject of the work. Includes one removable sloth stencil.