Brand Built
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Brand Built

Branding Buildings and the Builders

Published by RHED Publisher
304 pages, Hardcover
8" X 10"
ISBN: 978-981-09-9030-5


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As urban property markets around the world continue to boom, the branding of buildings and their creators has become a crucial part of developing a distinct identity amongst fierce competition. By making the distinction between “Buildings” and “Builders”, Brand Built aims to provide property developers, construction firms, architects and interior designers a comprehensive resource for brand inspiration, as well as a guide for branding the completed buildings. Brand Built puts forward the best examples of branded properties from around the world: from the Mallorca Towers, a residential development in Guadalajara, Mexico; to Crescent & Montagne, a retail development in Montreal, Canada; the Palais Principe, luxury apartments in Vienna; and as a final example, Art Residence, art-centric low-rise apartments in Moscow, Russia. Brand Built also provides a useful guide to branding for startups and established brands alike — from the branding process, to a guide to choice of colors and typefaces, to the reasons and mphotos are populated by the vanguard of the scene such as Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Jerry Valdez, Steve