Ballpoint Art

Ballpoint Art

Complexity from Simplicity

Published by Gingko Press
256 pages, Hardcover
7 1/2" x 9 5/6"
ISBN: 9783943330366


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As an art medium back in vogue, ballpoint pen has been proven to be a versatile tool with infinite possibilities. Characterized by their low-cost, light and convenient traits, they are particularly handy for sketch work. Ballpoint Art: Complexity From Simplicity features 30 ballpoint artists who are creating distinctive and expressive drawings solely using a ballpoint pen.

In this book, you can appreciate how these artists inject new life to ballpoint pens through their illustrations. Given the utility of the pen, some artists need little or merely no preparation to create sketches marked by a strong sense of line and a distinct contrast between light and shade. An impromptu creation with ballpoints is appealing, as it enables an artist to record immediately his or her sudden creative urges. Explore the methods they use and their personal connections to the pen through included detailed interviews.

  • Aiko Fukuda
  • Andrey Poletaev
  • Belen Diz Juncal
  • C.J. Pyle
  • Cherdsak Moeikunmak
  • Chiyun Yeh
  • Christina Dressel
  • David Griessel
  • Dina Brodsky
  • Ebrin Bagheri
  • Guno Park
  • Heikki Leis
  • Jacqueline Suowari
  • James Mylne
  • Jamy van Zyl
  • Joaquin Rodriguez
  • Joolee Kang
  • Kai & Sunny
  • Kevin Lucbert
  • Mark Powell
  • Nuria Riaza
  • Paolo Amico
  • Peony Yip
  • Pete Ross
  • Raphael Depoian
  • Rega Ayundya Putri
  • Sebastien Feraut
  • Shohei Otomo
  • Silvia Giardina
  • Sophia Fredriksson