Wood Art
Dalian University of Technology

Wood Art

Published by Gingko Press
240 pages, Hardcover
8 1/4" x 10 1/4" (210 x 2610 mm)
400 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-543-9


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A favorite among consumers and designers alike, no other material compares with wood for versatility of expression and utility. Warm and organic, yet imbued with strength, it can perform in unusual ways depending on use and setting. Working with new or reclaimed wood, bent plywood, or solid wood construction, the designers featured in this book all bring something new to the table, creating new forms from the whimsical to the elegant, the delicate to the robust. From animal shaped bookcases to textile “rugs,” and wooden bicycles to bark shade lamps, this is the ultimate guide to this beloved resource. Products include furniture, lighting, textiles, housewares, personal accessories and toys. Interviews follow with an international cast of industrial, interior, product, and furniture designers.