Win Out

Win Out

Sports Graphic Design and Branding

Published by Gingko Press
240 pages, Hardcover
8" x 11 1/4"
ISBN: 9783943330229


Whether for globally recognized sporting spectacles like the Olympics or the World Cup, or for lesser-known brands and local tournaments, visual language is critical for promoters and organizers to establish an identity, create fan bases, and generate positive influence. WIN OUT: Sports Graphic Design and Branding hand-picks from around the globe more than eighty inspiring incidences of sports design and branding, from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to Clube, a sports bar in Porto, Portugal, and includes teams, gyms, facilities, and tournaments in a variety of sports. Interviews with select designers and collectors reveal the inspirations and processes in this field and demonstrate how all the things we love about sports—athleticism, excellence, sportsmanship, togetherness, cultural identity—manifest in visual design.