Will You Marry Me?
SendPoints Publishing Co.

Will You Marry Me?

Wedding Planning and Design

256 pages, Hardcover
8 1/2" X 11"
650 Illustrations, ISBN: 978-988-13835-4-9


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Today’s couples no longer feel constrained by traditional expectations of what a wedding should be. More and more they feel free to adapt customs at will to better create a celebration that reflects their own personal values and tastes. While some may still opt for a traditional multi-tiered cake, others employ multiple cakes or even cupcakes to satisfy sweet tooth expectations. Food is no longer provided solely by established caterers, but can even come from local eateries or food trucks. Likewise, invitations, signs and place cards are now produced in a variety of ways from utilizing traditional printers, a letterpress or even hand lettering. From floral arrangements to lighting design and table presentation, no stone is left unturned. Whether modern or rustic, or a combination of the two, the variations brought upon by individual choice lead to an incredible selection of creative and highly festive occasions.