Vacation Retreats

Vacation Retreats

Published by Archimappublishers
180 pages, Softcover
7" x 11 1/2" (178 x 292 mm)
303 illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-3-940874-11-5


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Volume 2 of the Vacation Retreats series presents new structures as well as architectural renovations or new-use transformations. Featuring a range of tiny hotels, holiday cabins, and apartments in an unusual setting or in unusual surroundings, this is a truly brilliant survey of the art of creating “atmosphere.” Of interest to both the traveler keen on architecture and the traveling architect, Vacation Retreats 2 presents a fascinating panorama of living off the beaten path. MVRDV’s ultra modern steel clad “Balancing Barn” in Suffolk, England bookends the featured retreats while a converted 17th century farmhouse in southern France, dubbed La Maison d’Ulysse, lies on the historic end of the chronology. Featured retreats are from Spain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, France, Malta, Turkey, Slovenia, Poland, Great Britain, Italy and Sweden.