The Dirtyland
Viveros, Brian M.

The Dirtyland

The Art of Brian M. Viveros
Hosner, Andrew

Published by Thinkspace Gallery
200 pages, Hardcover
9" X 12"
ISBN: 978-0-99613-510-8


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Brian M. Viveros paints dangerous women. Often depicted helmeted and smoking, they sport bandages as if they had just been in a fight and won. This first ever monograph on this talented self-taught artist allows us to enter his fantasy world where women are sexy and powerful and men are nowhere to be seen. From his first group exhibition 20 years ago where his work was exhibited alongside the likes of H.R. Giger and Eric Stanton, his reputation among the art community and collectors alike has continued to grow. Dirtyland documents eighteen years of his work including over 100 full-page reproductions of his classic paintings, in-depth essays, an interview with the artist, behind the scenes photographs and much more.