Stylefile Marker – Main Set A

Stylefile Marker – Main Set A

Set of 12 Alcohol-Based Ink Markers

Published by Publikat
N/A pages, ISBN: (UPC)4-260216-143007


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Created by the premier graffiti art publisher Stylefile, the Stylefile Marker Classic Set is an excellent tool for any art professional, student, or dedicated enthusiast. With a resilient fine or chisel tip at each end and a variety of brilliant colors, it guarantees uncompromised results no matter what the project, be it manga or comic art, professional illustration, architectural renderings, fashion design, sketching, or just indulging in high-quality coloring work!


  • Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable hand-feel and excellent haptics
  • Roll-stop, color and tip markings on the caps
  • High quality tips from the market leader
  • Constant ink flow, saturated colors
  • Alcohol-based ink without Xylene
  • Variable line widths
  • Refillable

Main Set A includes 11 basic colors, plus one black marker.


  • 118 (yellow ochre)
  • 164 (lemon yellow)
  • 216 (orange)
  • 362 (carmine)
  • 460 (azalea purple)
  • 466 (deep violet)
  • 518 (cerulean blue)
  • 552 (cobalt blue)
  • 644 (viridian)
  • 652 (vivid green)
  • 816 (natural oak)
  • 900 (black)