Graphics in New Dimensions

Published by Victionary
256 pages, Softcover
8" x 11" (205 x 280 mm)
200 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-988-98229-0-3


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This ground breaking new book explores how the pathways of graphic design are moving away from the over exposed digital medium and turning to the ‘crafty’ realworld manifestations of analog inspired visual ideas.
One brilliant method within this milieu is the creation of graphics in a sculptural or 3 dimensional environment. Logos are no longer flat, but are designed to reflect a physical presence that is palpably discernible on the printed page; typefaces are carved and sculpted. All of which means that the edges between the real, the physiccal and the imagined have again been blurred.
Stereographics explores how the discipline of prop building and model creation can be applied in graphic design, especially in innovative and fresh new font design. It features hundreds of successful projects including promotional flyers, brochures, in-store graphics, textiles and clothing.