Sketching Times
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Sketching Times

Inspiration From 25 Artists' Sketch Selections

336 pages, Paperback
8" X 10"
1000 Illustrations, ISBN: 978-981-09-3963-2


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Sketching Times: Inspirations from 25 Artists’ Sketch Collections gathers sketches from a global selection of artists in a broad range of techniques and styles, providing readers a window into the artistic process from the earliest of creative stages. Hand-picked by the featured artists, the title includes a wide variety of sketches that run from rough starts of what will become fantastic illustrations to pieces so intricate they seem to be finished projects already. Readers will find sketches ranging from bare-bones pencil sketches and free-flowing watercolor tests to the beginnings of stark computer graphics and cheeky character doodles. Line art, landscape design, figure studies, comic layouts and more will provide inspiration and eye-candy for both artists and art lovers interested in the inner workings of artists at the top of their fields.