Perfect World II
Perfect World Co., Ltd

Perfect World II

Top Game Promotional Posters

Published by CYPI Press
176 pages, 10 1/4" X 14 1/4"
ISBN: 9781908175519


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Perfect World II is a collection of stunning promotional art from famous game studio Perfect World, Co., Ltd, that brings the larger-than-life characters and settings of Perfect World’s creations directly into its audiences’ grasp. Four sections covering character posters, scene posters, plot posters and case studies present a visual feast for CG art fans in this follow-up work to Perfect World I, with stunning images of characters, settings and battles both conceptual and realized in their games. In recent years, Perfect World’s illustrators have received various awards in the international arena, including first prize in the Unearthly Challenge contest in 2013. Now the work of these award-winning artists — many of which have never been published before — have been assembled in a collection that reveals Perfect World’s visions of gods, goddesses, demons, and angels, all set against the epic background of Chinese mythology.