Paper Art 2
Jiajia, Xia

Paper Art 2

320 pages, Paperback
9 3/4" X 11 1/2"
700 Illustrations, ISBN: 978-988-13542-4-2


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With a simple fold or crease, paper is instantly transformed into a three dimensional landscape complete with mountains and valleys, light and shadow. Capable of a myriad of forms, paper is one of the most versatile materials, one that can mimic shapes founds in nature or create its own distinct geometry. As such, it is highly esteemed in the hands of a skilled artist or craftsperson. Paper Art II showcases the best designs of the last two years that exemplify the unique properties of paper. Divided into sections, the book covers graphic paper art, three dimensional paper art, as well as paper art installations used in commercial interiors. Get folding!