The Origins of Bunny Kitty
Ross, Dave "PERSUE"

The Origins of Bunny Kitty

A Tale for All Ages
Satenstein, Diane

48 pages, Hardcover
9" X 9"
ISBN: 978-1-58423-652-8


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Enter the magical world of Bunny Kitty! The first book in a brand new kids’ series, The Origins of Bunny Kitty begins the adventures of Daisy the cat, also known as Bunny Kitty. Accidentally left behind when her family moves from the country to the big city, Daisy is taken in by an adoptive family of rabbits whose mother lovingly sews her a bunny suit so that she can feel more at home — but sadly, Daisy still misses her mother and brothers. When she meets a bunny fairy that recognizes her courage and independence, she is given a spell that transforms her into the magical Bunny Kitty, and Daisy sets off in search of her lost family. Charmingly told with wonderfully vibrant illustrations, this is a sweet tale of how sometimes everyone needs a little help.