My Amazing Body

My Amazing Body

Why Do Farts Smell?

Published by Victionary
ISBN: 9789887850106


Why does your heart beat? What happens to your food after you swallow it? As children begin to grow curious about the world around and inside them, there’s no better resource than a good book. My Amazing Body presents a vivid tour of the human body, with answers to just about any question a child might have about what’s going on inside them. Interactive pull-tabs, sliders, wheels and other moving parts bring the bright, crisp illustrations to life, and a multitude of easily understood fun facts make this a book kids will want to revisit again and again. A fun and engaging way for young ones to learn about the many interconnected systems that keep our bodies going, including the circulatory, immune, skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. The next best thing to a magic x-ray!