Modern Patterns

Modern Patterns

Published by Ltd.
244 pages, Hardcover
7" x 10 1/4"
1,000 Illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-988-12943-0-2


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Often hard to describe or quantify, the term “modern” changes according to context or usage. It is a sensibility that is recognized as being progressive or forward thinking for the time period in which it develops, pushing the limits of style. Nowhere is this as easily grasped as in the visual arts. In design, modern patterns are formed by geometric shapes, graphic figures, and abstract imagery, coming together in a deliberate formation of lines, colors, shapes, and symbols. The variations are as endless as their possible applications. Featuring hundreds of images of fresh, bold, and innovative pattern work presented alongside photographs of their manifestations in examples such as apparel, accessories, posters, wallpaper, and fabrics, Modern Patterns is sure to inspire. Includes a CD-ROM that contains a large number of the pattern templates for reference.