Masterworks: Defining a New Narrative
Spoor, Nathan

Masterworks: Defining a New Narrative

Published by Gingko Press
240 pages, 9" X 12"
ISBN: 9781584235811


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Curator and author Nathan Spoor presents Masterworks (MXW), a unique collection of large-scale paintings chosen specifically for the eponymous exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art. The concept focuses on 14 seasoned painters consistently dedicated to conquering new ground for the last decade or more. The term Masterworks was chosen not only for its obvious connotation towards the artists’ exceptional understanding of their craft, but also as a nod to each individual’s dedication to producing finely crafted works on their path to personal and professional excellence in the arts. While the exhibition seeks to define the new contemporary narrative, the book goes even further, featuring never before published interviews, artwork and photographs of artists in their studios. Each chapter features a single artist, examining their unique voice and discussing that artist’s route to success and the concepts used to prove themselves. Featured artists include: Esao Andrews, Sean Cheetham, Natalia Fabia, Alex Gross, James Jean, Josh Keyes, Mario Martinez, Jeff McMillan, Greg Simkins, Nathan Spoor, Nicola Verlato, Eric White, Aron Wiesenfeld and Martin Wittfooth. Co-curated by Jeff McMillan.