Logos Talk
Jason He

Logos Talk

Published by Gingko Press
264 pages, Softcover
7 1/2" x 10 1/2" (191 x 267 mm)
flexi-bound with DVD-ROM, 1,500 illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-444-9


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An instantly identifiable logo is crucial when competing for a customer’s allegiance and undivided attention. In some cases the vibrancy of color provides the overwhelming theme, in others the subtle contrast of black and white.
Inspiration is drawn from a number of sources depending on the nature of the design. In heavily typographic icons, graffiti or street art may provide the illumination, uncovering the influence of popular culture on today’s graphic landscape.
In pictorial logos, the spark can be drawn from as wide a variety of sources as the products or services themselves, aspects of relevant symbolic or material culture, the human figure or the natural world. But regardless of the seed, a successful logo must have that special something that elevates it from the commonplace to the unforgettable.
Logos Talk collects a staggering variety of fresh logo designs from around the world in an appealing format with DVD included.

  • Alphabet Arm
  • Kaloian Toshev
  • Litoimagen
  • Mikhail Karagezyan
  • Johana Pscheidtova
  • Anton saputra  Felix Susanto Edison Chow
  • Mike Speero
  • STATE (formerly known as Techneo)
  • Gustavo Vandoni
  • Icono Seis SA de CV
  • Dmitry Galsan
  • Arnas Goldbergas
  • Mark Brooks
  • Paul Gardner
  • Joan Pons Moll
  • Kamila Szadaj
  • Richard Baird
  • Sebastian Gagin
  • Irina Batkova
  • Rudy Hurtado  Global Branding
  • Vladimir Mijatovic
  • Marco de Obaldia
  • Peter Vasvari
  • Giedrius Cibulskis
  • Ruslan Khasanov
  • Philipp Zurmoehle
  • Tadas Vincaitis  (nickname: Plugas )
  • Michele Zamparo
  • Richard Scott
  • Jovan Obradovic Shpira
  • Scott Lambert
  • Fabian Marchinko
  • LukeSF
  • Srdjan Kirtic
  • Wizmaya Design Studio
  • Lundgren+Lindqvist
  • Muamer ADILOVIC
  • Florin Capota
  • Artem Sukhanov  (aka Klood)
  • Logoniseme
  • Admix Designs
  • Bao Nguyen
  • Przmyslaw Pustelny
  • Alex Matveev
  • Nils Carlson
  • Stig Tafto
  • Cleber Faria
  • Miroslav Vujovic
  • Ivaylo Nikolov
  • Denis Wong
  • Stefan Vasilev
  • KRFX KZKMlll
  • Shenzhen THREE advertisement Co Ltd
  • Emilia Fiedorowicz
  • Evgeny Grigoriev
  • Victor Sokolov
  • Pyramis
  • Pitertsev Mikhail
  • zazdesign graphic lab
  • Craig Scott Russell
  • Andrea zeman
  • Ed Price
  • Anthony Lane
  • Emrah Eski