Juxtapoz New Contemporary
Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine

Juxtapoz New Contemporary

Introduction by Robert Williams, Foreword by Evan Pricco

Published by Gingko Press
224 pages, Hardcover
8" x 10" (203 x 254 mm)
185 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-466-1


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The infinite approaches to painting throughout human history have mirrored, illuminated and extended perceptions of artists and viewers alike. Juxtapoz New Contemporary presents works by our modern era’s foremost instigators in their eternal quest to render arresting work.
Subjects range from ultra-familiar to the totally unknown, and the figurative to the abstract, but always through a distinct lens. Modern masters of the craft, such as Robert Williams and Nicola Verlato, display incredible chops while mashing classical techniques and composition with fragmented post-modern themes.
Contributing painters include Jamie Treadwell, Arik Roper, Scott Greenwalt, Adam Sorensen, James Jean, John Fox, Rom Cheng, Jeremy Geddes, Charlie Immer, Mart Iverson, Agnes Stoth and Mario Martinez.

  • Adam Sorensen
  • Agnes Toth
  • Arik Roper
  • Bruno Novelli
  • Casper Kang
  • Charlie Immer
  • Chloe Early
  • Clayton Brothers
  • Conor Harrington
  • David Choong Lee
  • Hsiao Ron Cheng
  • Jaime Treadwell
  • James Jean
  • Jeremy Geddes
  • Jon Fox
  • Jonathan Saiz
  • Lui Liu
  • Mary Iverson
  • Mike Davis
  • Natalia Fabia
  • Nicola Verlato
  • Oliver Vernon
  • Paco Pomet
  • Robert Williams
  • Scott Greenwalt
  • Tiffany Bozic
  • Todd Schorr
  • Virginia Wagner