Industrial Vintage Interiors
Silva, Maria Eugenia

Industrial Vintage Interiors

Published by Booq Publishing
492 pages, Hardcover
10 1/2" X 12 1/4"
500 illustrations, ISBN: 978-84-942491-5-0


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Modern interior designers are constantly turning to styles pulled directly from the past in their new work, using the aesthetics of bygone days to inspire a sense of nostalgia, rawness, and old-fashioned integrity. Design features like exposed tile and brick, unfinished wood, and gleaming cooper and steel contrasted with rugged black iron have been brought back from their rough roots to lend a simultaneously sophisticated and industrial aesthetic to modern spaces. Industrial Vintage Interiors demonstrates how bars, restaurants, and other public spaces, as well as private homes and lofts, use these elements to immerse occupants in visually intriguing interiors. While the current popular trends of Edison lightbulbs and bare brick are featured, the book reaches much farther than these basics, showcasing vintage advertising, building materials, industrial fixtures, furniture, and appliances in designated sections, as well as detailed case studies showing the how pleasing the final outcome can be when these components are skillfully combined.