Hanzi – Hanja – Kanji
Viction Workshop

Hanzi – Hanja – Kanji

New Typography with Chinese Characters

Published by Victionary
272 pages, Softcover
7 1/4" X 9 3/4"
ISBN: 9789881222732


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Deeply rooted in Chinese history and adapted widely in various Asian language systems, modern Han characters are principally pictograms, phonograms, or compounds of these units. While conventional typefaces and Chinese calligraphy are still extensively used in daily communication, many young designers are committed to recreating these age-old logograms, combining bold graphics with the merits of traditions to let them speak beyond the original words. With excellent examples from China, Japan, Singapore, Korea and other locations, HANZI – HANJA – KANJI reviews the contemporary craft of Han characters in different cultures. This showcase includes a variety of published and experimental work, custom-made for branding and identity campaigns and editorial use.