Handselecta Blackbook – GOREY (with marker)
Christian Acker

Handselecta Blackbook – GOREY (with marker)


Published by Gingko Press
128 pages, Hardcover with marker
8" x 10 3/8"
32 pages of original sketchbook content by GOREY, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-5712


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Seb Gorey was born in 1976 in Paris, France. He is currently based in New York City and works as an artist and designer. His work portrays the ingeniosity and versatility of recycling, the end of industrial production and the revenge of nature. Gorey combines disparate elements to form unity in his work. His traditional yet figurative work is influenced by street culture and depicts a post-apocalyptic environment. Seb Gorey is the designer behind the menswear label Woolf NYC. He also works as an illustrator and graphic designer for the brand.

Christian Acker’s Flip the Script, a book which analyzes graffiti handstyles in a formal typographic construct, was dubbed an instant classic by writers and designers alike upon its release in 2013. Following in this tradition, Handselecta’s Blackbook is a tribute to the work that goes into developing a strong, consistent handstyle. Acker designed the book with 32 gridded pages, 32 lined pages and 64 blank pages so you have both structured and free-form options for developing your letterforms. The GOREY edition features examples of the artist’s handlettering and throw-up style, along with graphics, original artwork, and advice from the author on improving your style. This edition includes a high-quality black chisel tip permanent marker.