Handselecta Blackbook – CURVE
Christian Acker

Handselecta Blackbook – CURVE


Published by Gingko Press
128 pages, Hardcover
8" x 10 3/8"
32 Pages of original sketchbook content by CURVE, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-549-1


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CURVE came up in New Haven, Connecticut at the height of its graffiti scene. Early in his graffiti career, his mother moved them to Philadelphia. Between both cities and NYC, he became fully immersed in bombing and all that came with it. While still a passionate graffiti writer, he is also currently exploring other art forms that graffiti has its roots in, including graphic design, comic art, and sign painting.

Christian Acker’s Flip the Script, a book which analyzes graffiti handstyles in a formal typographic construct, was dubbed an instant classic by writers and designers alike upon its release in 2013. Following in this tradition, Handselecta’s Blackbook is a tribute to the work that goes into developing a strong, consistent handstyle. Acker designed the book with 32 gridded pages, 32 lined pages and 64 blank pages so you have both structured and free-form options for developing your letterforms. The CURVE edition features examples of the artist’s hand lettering and throw-up style, along with graphics, original artwork, and advice from the author on improving your style.