Food Player
Sandu Cultural Media

Food Player

Published by Gingko Press
256 pages, Softcover
7 1/4" x 9"
500 Illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-565-1


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Food culture continues to grow in popularity as never before with the rise of influential new chefs and restaurateurs, the birth of first-class boutique magazines and an ever growing list of cooking shows. The visionary achievements of select artists and designers have fueled a renaissance in the way we see and interact with food. The familiar parental admonishment, “Dont play with your food!” has not stopped the designers featured in this new expose of food-inspired arts. From sofas that mimic the appearance of chocolate bars and sidewalk portraits created from toast slices to flatware in the shape of vegetables and chocolate pencils you can sharpen – the scale and variety of projects is impressive. Features art, graphic design and typography, jewelry and furniture design, kitchenware, photography and, oh yeah, food!