Fantasy+ 3
Vincent Zhao

Fantasy+ 3

Best Hand-Painted Illustrations

Published by CYPI
192 pages, Softcover
9 1/4" x 12" (235 x 305 mm)
flexi-bound, 346 illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-0-9562880-4-2


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While instantly recognizable in terms of theme and characterization, Fantasy+ 3 departs from the previous two volumes in the series to examine the state of hand-rendered fantasy art. Artists in the grand tradition of Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo bring new visions and techniques to bear, illuminating worlds both mythic and gruesome. Digital art has become a pervasive medium and highly influential in popular culture. From the movies we see to the video games we play, we regularly immerse ourselves in realms not our own, experiencing reality through new and prismatic filters, often learning something about ourselves in the process. Fantasy+ 3 shows how traditional fantasy art still has its place in our lives, complementing the explosion of CG art as it inspires a new wave of artists. Featured artists include: Raúl Cruz, Peter Ferguson, Eric Fortune, Tom Fowler, Eric Joyner, Terese Nielsen, Adrian Smith, Shaun Tan and more.

  • Adrian Smith
  • Brian Despain
  • Ciruelo Cabral
  • Daren Bader
  • Don Maitz
  • Donato Giancola
  • Erin Fortune
  • Erin Joyner
  • Greg Staples
  • Lucas Graciano
  • Petar Meseldzija
  • Peter Ferguson
  • Ralph Horsely
  • Raúl Cruz
  • Ron Spears
  • Shaun Tan
  • Steven Belledin
  • Terese Nielsen
  • Tom Fowler
  • Volkan Baga