Material Design Process: Elemental Earth

Material Design Process: Elemental Earth

Material Design Process

Published by Gingko Press
ISBN: 9781584237365


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Humans have been fashioning art and tools from earth for at least 25,000 years. Despite the age of this relationship, continuing technological developments mean we are still coming up with new ways of shaping clay, stone and soil. Elemental/Earth is a deep-dive into the latest in earth-based making, from composite stonework to 3D-printed ceramics. Profiles of artists renowned for their work with earthen materials explore the frontier where inspiration, skill and technology meet. Whether working with new technologies or bare hands and clay, these artisans push the boundaries of stone and soil, creating truly unique, inspiring new forms, never losing sight of the ancient relationship our species shares with the materials. The first in a new series of books exploring elemental materials, Elemental/Earth presents a bold picture of the present and future of handmade earthenware.