Dotted Visuals

Dotted Visuals

Polka Dots in Contemporary Graphic Design

Published by Sendpoints
240 pages, Paperback
8 3/4" X 10 3/4"
650 illustrations, ISBN: 978-988-14703-1-7


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An elemental unit of design in the universe, the dot has an aesthetic appeal that is perhaps part instinctual and part referential as virtually everything found from the micro to the macro level is based on this simple form. Spare yet elegant, its use continues to appeal to designers as a motif with broad applications for a variety of disciplines from fashion, to graphics, typography and space design. Isolated or in a crowd, black and white or in color, indistinct or in sharp focus, the multiplicity of effects are endless. Spanning the globe, Dotted Visuals selects the most innovative work of recent years featuring the humble polka dot in the fields of art, design and fashion.