Desperately Seeking Che

Desperately Seeking Che

Ian Castello-Cortes

Published by Gingko Press
ISBN: 9781584237266


The new volume in the Desperately Seeking series traces the journey of Che Guevara from young medical student in Buenos Aires to leading revolutionary icon. From his seminal motorcycle trip through South America with his friend Alberto which opened his eyes to the devastating injustice rampant in the world and the dangers of imperialism and corporate greed, to his untimely death in the jungles of Bolivia. Putting the milestones in his life in both a chronological and geographical context, we trace the development of his ideology along with his military training culminating in his role as one of the leaders of the Cuban revolution. In a brief, but eventful life, Che traveled the world addressing inequality and was one of the first to call out the West’s institutionalized racism at a fiery speech at the United Nations.