Designlicious 2
Si Juan, Ng

Designlicious 2

Published by Basheer Graphic Books
368 pages, Hardcover
8" X 10"
1,100 illustrations, ISBN: 978-981-09-8338-3


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Come back for another helping of mouthwatering design with Designlicious 2, the second volume of visual identities inspired by culinary philosophies. With a focus on food and drink establishments and brands, it explores interior design projects, stationery, menus, and other promotional materials that reflect mission statements or the unique personalities of owners and intended patrons. Its contents include design and identity projects for juice brands and cafes, restaurants and bakeries, and other culinary businesses that see excellent design as a key ingredient for their success. Designlicious 2 is sure to provide an abundance of inspiration for designers looking create delicious solutions for their own design quandaries.