Danish Tattooing
Nordstrom, Jon

Danish Tattooing

Director's Cut

348 pages, Hardcover
7 3/4" X 9 3/4"
700 Illustrations, ISBN: 978-87-993150-9-3


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Danish Tattooing traced the visual development of tattooing from 1895 up to the present day, with special attention paid to the Golden Age of the 1960s, an era particularly rich with fascinating tales from a rough scene. Now, this new “Director’s Cut” goes even deeper into this rich history, taking a closer look at the beginning of the scene in the early 1900s and following it into the 1980s with new photography and in-depth profiles of famous (and sometimes infamous) tattoo artists throughout Scandinavia. The book is full of anecdotes and historical photographs of larger-than-life characters and tattooing hotspots, covering famous artists’ flash books, their custom tattooing machines, and ribald stories from their lives as tattoo artists, giving readers a new chance to discover the heart and soul of the Danish tattooing tradition.


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