Cut, Fold & Hold

Cut, Fold & Hold

Unique Cardboard Projects for the Home

Published by Gingko Press
144 pages, Hardcover
8 3/4" x 9 1/4"
250 Illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-557-6


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This book is filled with detailed photographic instructions on how to create amazing items from cardboard. Everything needed to complete the projects is outlined in the first chapter, and a vast majority are typical household items many people already have laying around. Items you can make range from desk organization pieces, to hanging wall art and even a sturdy bookshelf. Each project is laid out in exact detail, from precise measurements of the cardboard needed and to where to cut and score, to folding techniques and tape placement. The sturdy cardboard layout of the book itself makes it both practical and entertaining to use. Cut, Fold & Hold takes an ordinary item used for packing and storage and completely changes its functionality in multiple creative and purposeful ways. Aside from the pleasure to be had while working on new projects, youll also feel resourceful and environmentally conscious after finding new purposes for all of those cardboard boxes you have lying around. Cut, Fold & Hold is a great gift for any DIY aficionado or budget-conscious design enthusiast.