Color in Space

Color in Space

Brightening it Up

Published by Sendpoints
320 pages, 9" X 11 3/4"
ISBN: 9789881294494


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The choice to feature color as a focal point in architecture makes it own bold statement. This title demonstrates how color enhances and contextualizes the environment of the projects within. The visual language of color can communicate symbols, status, spirit, strength, and a sense of purpose, and its new applications to buildings represent a great leap in the discipline of architecture. Brighten it Up promises to be a standard work on the subject that every architect and architectural office will want to have handy in their library, as well as anyone involved in outdoor design or urban planning. The brilliantly colored examples in the book range from modest to the sublime, from ordinary to fabulously whacked-out structures. The volume also included drawings and plans for the professional, as well as bizarre structures that will appeal to architecture junkies.